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In keeping with Star Lane Winery’s exacting standards and no compromise approach all fruit is estate grown in soil that is just as carefully chosen for its important contribution as every other aspect of the Star Lane wine making process.

From the earth to the bottle no detail is overlooked.
The Merlot and Shiraz are planted on red loam over mudstone with the winery proudly standing sentinel in the background. The Sangiovese and Nebbiolo are planted in ideal granite soils at Star Lane Winery partners Rex Lucas’ property only a couple of kilometers away.

At 450 metres above sea level the mountain breezes ensure that cool evenings combine with long sun filled days to make for an idyllic growing environment. The cool evenings provide a long slow ripening period allowing the grapes to develop wonderful flavours and the sunny days allow for the fruit to gently mature, ripen, and develop over the full length of the growing season.

A great deal of time, effort, and precision is put into the care of the canopy and management of the vineyards. To ensure that the vine is kept in perfect balance with the fruit, the yield is kept to a maximum of 1.8 tonne per acre, and as a result the low cropping levels create concentrated wines with great depth and character. The nurturing and care of the fruit extends to the loving use of traditional hand pruning and hand picking techniques so that every opportunity is maximised to produce only the very best and most flavoursome fruit.